Working from Home or Anywhere

Work From Home System Setup

COVID-19 changed how businesses work. Many that could have employees start working from home. This caused a scramble for many companies as their infrastructure was just not able to handle the workload from outside the office. Now that things are returning to normal, some businesses are staying at home while others are trying to get people back in the office. Here is what we have seen.

Back to the Office

Some of our clients have started pulling people back into the office. It’s easier to have impromptu meetings and get in touch with coworkers. In most cases, these clients just brought the PC or laptop back to the office, hooked back up to the wired or WIFI network, and went right back to work. Very little changed.

Work from Home

Several other clients decided that the work from home model had worked so well, they did not want to change it. They still get together every week on the phone, and video conference once a month. This allows them to get more work done and their employees are saving hundreds of dollars a month in fuel, tolls, and maintenance on their vehicles. “It seems to be working well, why change it?” one of our client contacts said. For That One IT Company, LLC, we decided to stay with this business model. We meet once a month, generally at the owner’s house, have our meetings, discuss anything that needs to be done, changes that need to be made, and mainly how to better support our customers.

Work from Anywhere

The majority of our clients decided on the hybrid of the solutions. Why limit where an employee can work? Employees go into the office for collaboration, work from home for convenience, or the park if they want to work outdoors. It seems to have worked so well for one company, they decided to not expand their business office but to rearrange. Now employees have several conference rooms they all go to sit in if they need to meet to work together on a project.

How does That One IT Company Help?

We provided all the tools, connections, and services to allow our clients to be flexible on how they wanted to work. We did this from day one when we started working with them. Conference tools, phones available anywhere, and messaging were all installed in the beginning. When you include, cloud backups for the laptops and mobile printers, teams really can work from anywhere without having to move around a lot of equipment.

Our goal is to make sure your business has what it needs when it needs it; hopefully, before you need it in some cases. We want your business to be available for your customers when you are ready to do business. Contact us today. Let us show you why IT is what we do!

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