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Data Security

In our most recent audits, we have come across several companies where the data security is just not up to par. The current I.T. provider has ‘checked the box’ for backups, anti-virus, and security, but we have found that 25% of the time, the correct data was not being backed up and in one instance, the data wasn’t being backed up at all. Worse, we found credit card numbers just sitting on a shared drive where anyone could access them.

So what is data security?

Data security takes on many different forms. Endpoint protection (also called anti-virus or anti-malware), backups, and encrypting sensitive data, like Personal Identifiable Information or PII, is only part of the solution. The truth is, there can be a whole lot more involved.

Endpoint Protection has to work for the user and the company. But some companies still don’t use it. This is why we provide it for free to every client. It may save the company later.

Backups are just as important, especially with the amount of ransomware out there. Recovering from ransomware can be simple if your backups are configured properly. But you also have to make sure your backups are good! Backups become useless if they cannot be used in that critical moment.

Sensitive data can become an issue if it is not secured properly. Do you take credit cards? Do you take ACH transactions? Is that data stored in a file somewhere on your computer or another employee’s PC? Who has access to this data? Make sure this data is stored securely, encrypted, and that only the people that need access to it can view that data.

That One IT Company, LLC is committed to checking these processes and making sure the data is as secure as possible. Our customers know they are more secure with our services.

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