HIPAA and SOC 2: How They Work Together / How Managed IT Can Help

Healthcare providers and service organizations that have to consider  HIPAA and SOC 2 compliance are often challenged with juggling massive  amounts of data while trying to run their business and stay compliant.  While HIPAA and SOC 2 audits can help ensure compliance, these  organizations may not know where to start. Read on as we take […]

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Working from Home or Anywhere

COVID-19 changed how businesses work. Many that could have employees start working from home. This caused a scramble for many companies as their infrastructure was just not able to handle the workload from outside the office. Now that things are returning to normal, some businesses are staying at home while others are trying to get […]

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Managed IT Services: How They Can Help

We are living in an era where technology develops faster than anything else. It is redesigning the way how every industry functions. Technology has become a defining factor in the success of every modern business organization and is reshaping the world! Today, technology plays an important role in the functioning of business, no matter how […]

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