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Client-Focused IT Solutions

IT has become a central part of nearly every organization. Many smaller companies cannot afford to keep a full-time IT person sitting around. We want to help companies grow and keep up with the fast-paced world that is IT. Your growth is our growth. Whether it's replacing your current IT partner, replacing your current IT staff, or just having a consultant point out potential pain points and issues so your team knows what direction it should take, we have you covered. We have been in the IT world for over 15 years, helping companies expand their IT infrastructure, upgrade and maintain their systems, and making sure their data is safe.



Our Service Commitment

Too many IT partners are faceless organizations. We think it is important that our customers know exactly who we are and what we are doing. We provide peace of mind by building an IT profile about your business, documenting everything, and providing that information to you. We centralize the IT data and make it easier to access in the event of an emergency. We offer a broad range of services to make sure your IT needs are covered.

Why Us?

Peace of mind comes in multiple forms. In-person maintenance, remote maintenance, and emergency service are all just part of our routines. Our customers enjoy peace of mind knowing their PCs and servers are being maintained and knowing that we truly are looking out for their IT needs.
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We offer more than your average IT Services. We offer peace of mind for your entire business. From phone systems to project management, That One IT Company has you covered.

we offer managed it solutions tailored to fit your needs.